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Afroduck is the God of all nigras. He watches over good nigras and protects them from AIDS and defends them the foul strikes of the b& hammer. Afroduck rewards the good nigras with watermelonz and fried chickenz and sends the fake wanna/b/s into the AIDS pool. He gave to us our most powerful weapons: The Armani Suit and the Afro. With these combinded and the blessing of this Deity nigras have the power to cleanse AIDS. In order to summon Afroduck a nigra must sacrifice his fro and stand behind the duck statue. Often the MODs, being the retards that they are, will b& you for blocking when you are forming Afroduck - MOAR RACISM!

Wherever Afroduck is, he is watching over you. Aftoduck is in the main pool, but is also in the [Bus Park], but you can't get to the one in the Info Bus Park, just admire its glory.

False Idols

Beware of false Afroducks which have been spotted from time to time. Or Blood-duck from the retarded Captain-Poison

Nobody wants YTMNDuck

How to maek

Many nigras have tried to make afroduck, but have failed epicly. To make one the correct way, make sure that you first start at the corner wall tile above Afroduck. Then, click the bottom-middle part of the actually duck (not including the stand) and

Also, don't dance when you are being afroduck. A shaking afro is a fail afro when Afroduck is involved. In any other case, always dance.

The right way.
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