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Norms are users who do not pay for Habbo Club. The term is usually used by Habbo Club Members, as a term of discrimination. Habbo Club members usually throw "parties" that Norms are not allowed to participate in. Being HC makes you very vulnerable to AIDS, and the discrimination of Norms makes it so that the Norms want to become HC. The cycle continues. This is another plan by the staff to give everyone AIDS.

A quick scan for the aforementioned hairstyles...

It is rather easy to tell a norm from an HC member. Norm Males usually have spiked anime style hair (or regular black short hair). Norm Females almost always have a ponytail. Sometimes pigtails.

  • Save the norms from the pool. Let none enter its AIDSy depths.

Specific Norms

Fags galore:

  • 123t.s. - lol permabanned, IP:, e-mail:
  • Bionlg
  • Duncan
  • -DZ-
  • FaiL - another faggot who was banned
  • joecoolstar - hasn't been online since 12/14/06. Suspected to have run away or committed suicide.
  • TheLostCup - IP:, e-mail:
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