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It's September the eleventh soon, let's raid!

Current status: Ended

Short summary: Mostly FAIL, a few epic moments, too.

WHERE: Habbo US, pools, outside squares.

WHEN: UTC 17:00




  • A SwastiGET
  • A CommuGET
  • An Afroduck (in both pools)
  • Spam WTC Inside Job propaganda, links to sites, etc. Also shock sites, of course.
  • Block shit?
  • ???


  • ALWAYS dance. Except for the afroduck(s).
  • Register your nigra accounts BEFORE the raid day. The time specified is the time you should log in into habbo.
  • If your /b/rothers are suddenly disappearing, RUN LIKE HELL. Modfags are here.
  • If you arrive at the pool, and cannot enter (there's already a /b/lockade there), just go somewhere else where your nigra is needed. There'll never be too many nigras.
  • If you see a Swastiget forming, just don't stand like a dick. Help them! Follow the normal swastiget creating rules.
  • RTFM on wordfilters.
  • If some habbofag shouts about adding him on msn and/or cam, DO IT. Then troll the hell out of him (be a successful troll).
  • For maximum lulz and pwnage, use several nigras at once. To do this, use either the multilogin trick - search on YouTube for the guide - or just use several browsers (Firefox+Chrome+Opera combo will do. IE=Fail). Having even two nigras instead of one will double the blocking potential, and will also help with SwastiGETs. Some rooms are even blockable by just two-three nigras, so this is a way to get more black power from the same amount of raiders.
  • Use the older client - the new one is made of fail and habbofaggotry.
  • Use the raid tools. Do I really have to mention that? Still there are always some newfags trying to spam manually.
  • Wear the standard blackup as described on the appropriate pages. Sunglasses are optional. T-shirt = fail. Rainbow afro (or any color other from black/dark brown) = double fail.
  • RTFM on bans (here, here, here and even here). Always try to register a new account first. Then reinstall Shockwave, and then try to use proxy/change IP. MAC bans are very unlikely., but if you get one, follow the instructins on the MAC Ban page.
Possible terrorist Nigra? Yes? YES?


  • Rules 1 & 2 apply
  • Longcat is loooooooooooooooooooooong.


  • Sep. 11, 21:45:29 UTC modfags b& lots of negros. How racist!
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