Fried Chickens and Watermelon

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Fried chicken and watermelon are a nigra's favorite foods and were bestowed upon all nigras by the omnipotent Afroduck. They give a nigra immense strength and powa, and protect him from ever contracting AIDS.
A true nigra enjoys his fried chicken!

Yeah brotha, gemme a slice o' that watamelon 'afore the rest o' thu nigras take it all!

Each of these foods provides important nutrients to help a nigra in his fight agaist Habbofags and AIDS. Fried chicken fortifies the nigra and gives him the energy to fight. The watermellon gives him a boost of energy and hydrates him. And, when combined, the watermelon and fried chicken form a powerful antidote to the AIDS virus, so powerful that even if a long-time habbofag finally becomes a nigra, it will cure his AIDS for good.

Food of the gods.

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