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Grey skin is so hawt.

MOD-SolidState is one of the many cocksucking, racist Moderators of Habbo US. This Moderator is a greasy Nazi who helped Jews did 9/11 that way he could get them in trouble (hence the helmet) that claims he is an android. If you try to talk to him via Call for Help, he will say that he is not MOD-Solidstate, and is really a computer program. Does he honestly expect us to believe that bullshit? - The page is there, but we aren't allowed to view it. The page probably has tons of information about the MODs racist plans to ban all nigras. Either that or he's just going with his I'm just a computer program plan. We all laugh at MOD-Solidstate.

MOD-Solidstate always Shockwave Bans at the very least - He has given IP Bans though. MOD-SolidState is probably the most efficient MOD, along with MOD-Cleo. As soon as MOD-SolidState enters a room, you automatically get b& most of the time. If you do get banned, be sure to re-install shockwave and raid some m0ar.

MOD-SolidState will ban any nigra in formal attire, even if you aren't blocking at all.

Straight from Imperial Germany! (Old avatar)
MOD-SolidState entering the pool deck, right before banning me. (And of course, I wasn't blocking anything - You can see my avatar is moving. I had just entered, and he banned me!)

Maek sure to add MOD-SolidState to your MOD List in your Raid Tool. For more info on how to do this, please see LOLToast's Raid Tool v7.

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