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Habbo Hotel, like many places that cater to spoiled underage brats, has a wordfiltering system and it's not used for lulz. Quite the opposite in fact. The censored temr used in place of the word is "bobba". It is believed to have originally been a codeword for AIDS, used among MODs.

The list of bobba'd words varies from server to server. They also change over time, sometimes as a direct result of the nigra presence.

Habbo US Wordfilters

Habbo UK Wordfilters

Habbo Canada Wordfilters

Habbo Australia Wordfilters

Habbo Mexico Wordfilters

Getting Round the Filters

  • For words with an "I" in use a lower case "L". This is nearly indistinguishable from a real "I" in Habbo's font and is the preferable solution when possible.
  • For words that don't have an "I" in simply hold down Alt Gr (aka right alt) and then type the vowel in.
  • For words that aren't "Wild card filtered" you can just added a repeated last letter to the word.

Special Protip: On the US server - and possibly others - is very difficult to type as it contains the word 'rape'. now directs here so you can use that on the occasions you need to direct someone to this site.