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Sometimes the nigras need to seek elsewhere. Habbo raiding, obviously, isn't as strong as it used to be, and with the removal of certain features the nigras used against the habbofags, in combination with the huge increase of newfags that want to raid, it can be too difficult. I fear the nigras soon will not be able to raid the English hotel. Raiding English Habbo still is great (if rarely done correctly), but when you want to do something large scale it generally leads to newfags/earlyfags and modfags banning everyone. In 2008 nigras sought lulz in Canada, and they were given lulz. In 2010 nigras sought lulz in France and Germany and they received lulz. The next AIDS Day raid will focus on a moonspeak hotel. The future will too. When dealing with the moonspeak hotels you need to worry about closing times if the server has one. Newfags will always be newfags and raid the English server not knowing the proper server to raid, and this is fine. Back in the English hotel habbofags are starting to attempt to raid on their own (Afroduck called it Stockholm syndrome) which is stupid because they are dumb habbofags. YouTube turned out to be a way to keep habbofags up with raids, which we don't want. If it's used we need to give it titles without the term 'habbo' or 'raid' in them. Moonspeak hotels will be a great way to get back the classic lulz that we need. Habbofags and newfags will join together and "raid" the English hotel as we accomplish something elsewhere. Eventually the mods will loose their banning "skills" and get replaced with inexperienced mods. Habbofags and newfags will give up. But we, the true nigras, will remain strong in the face of new enemies. They are young and will not expect us.

One day we can return to the English hotel.