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If you read this, then you are probably newfag/failfag who can't block pools succesfully and make nice SwastiGET.

Who am I?

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If you chose other suit - you fail

You are Nigra, and you must act like nigra.

  • You must dress like real nigra
  • You must obey rules of the internaet
  • If you can, BLOCK
  • ALways when you raid use raid tools to cause more lag&win
  • Remember, /b/rothers are your friends. Fight together and make raid epic
  • If you see that your /b/rothers try to make swasti or CommuGET don't stand like dick, HELP THEM.
  • If you want to make huge raid, post topic with date, time, and hotel, at least 2 weeks b4 raid.
  • FUCK HABBO CENSORSHIP, don't say DICK, it alerts modfags. To save your, and your /b/rothers' asses, say DlCK (D*lowercase L*CK)
  • Entering pool will make you full of AIDS habbofag instantly, unless you know how to walk on water
  • If there is going to be huge raid like 7/12 or 9/11, you must wait until specified hour, otherwise you will be called newfag. This is because when multiple accounts log on at the same time, Habbo's servers are slowed and more bandwidth is used.
  • Be organized, is your hq. Making solid wall at Janis's lemonAIDS, then block pool ladder, then access to high dive, then making good looking swastiget is moar win than niggers running around whole room, and hardly trying to block pool doors.

How many /b/rothers need to block room?

For example rooftop rumble, if there are 3 nigras blocking whole room there is no use of trying to enter. Just go help /b/rothers in pool, theatre or something.

Raid tools

Main article: Habbo raid tools.

What to spam?


Seriously, that just attracts MOAR AIDS, HABBO/NEWFAGS.

Make sure your copypasta don't have any filtered words. On small raid you don't wanna mods, do you? Put something from Stuff to shout to F* keys and for multiline flood you may put some song lyrics, [""] or simply anything from intaernet.


There is this new faggy thing called pixels now on Habbo. Get some easy badges like change your motto and change your clothes and get pixels. With those pixels you can make your self invisible (If you're in the darkest clothes items). It's great for minor raids.

Getting habbofags b&

On small raids make your name offensive, for example


Habbofaggotry will say your name, alerting mods and getting B&

A second way is to wait for a habbofag to call you an offensive name, such as nigger. Immediately when the habbofags calls you a name, report it to a MOD on duty (if none are on duty, you're out of luck). Say something like: I was just minding my own business when a Habbo went up to me and called me the derogatory term, a nigger. Please help. Works like magic, unless the MOD on duty is too lazy to care, which does happen a lot. If this is the case, threaten to sue or alert the Management about the MODs poor ability to handle the situation. It will usually get the habbofag b&.

Also, another way to get a habbofag banned is if you report them for using Raid Tools. It is usually the keylogging, trojaning software called iHabbix that the habbofags use, but it might also be one of LOLToast's Raid Tools (sometimes habbofags do somehow find this tool). Either way, if they start to spam with the tool, report it to the MODs and do the same things mentioned above.

SwastiGETs and CommuGETs

Well done SwastGET
17 Nigras maek sum win.
18 Nigras can defeat the evils of Habbo Hotel's capitalist pigs.