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Furni is the virtual furniture that utterly useless garbage Habbofags obsess over and spend over $9,000 of their parents' hard earned money on. Furni is saturated in pool water during creation giving them AIDS and FAIL. Many habbofags have


Of all the money wasters, Habbofags would kill their entire family and all of their friends just to get a second HC Sofa. The reason behind this is because a Habbofag can only own 1 sofa, therefore having a second one would be "screwing the system". Many Nigras have successfully tricked them into going to shock sites claiming it can get them a second sofa.


HC, standing for Habbo Club, is a "club" that costs money, and tons of Habbofags join. It is the only way to make iFriends on Habbo. Many families have become bankrupt because of how much they spent.