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Habbo Retros are copies of Habbo Hotel made using the Holograph Emulator software. The name "retro" comes from the fact thay they normally use older versions of the official Habbo client. Sulake gets uptight and butthurt because of Retros, due to the fact that they are copyright violations. Several Retro-owners have had their servers v& and themselves fucked over for a large amount of money. Surprisingly, despite Retros giving out free furni and pixels, many Habbofags, mostly HC members, don't like Retros due to Sulake's brainwashing. Those who resort to Retros are norms with insightful parents, who won't let them waste money on virtual furniture.

Retro-owners are typically pedophiles with too much time and money on their hands. Some of them set up Retros for the sole purpose of stealing usernames and passwords, which results in many lulz. Others do it because they want to create a hueg e-peniz, consisting entirely of Mexican kids trying to make relationships online.

Retro hotels are fake, illegal Habbo Hotel copies running on emulated servers. They violate trademarks as well as copyright protected images and software of Sulake and might be harmful to play.


—Sulake, confirming that Habbo Retros have AIDS.



Retros are easily trollable. As they are based on older versions of the Habbo client, which is closed source, they typically can't modify things like prevent people from closing the pool. They *might* be able to add wordfilters. Retros normally don't have many, if any, MODs online most of the time, and a lot of the users are Mexicans.

Due to most Retro-owners being fat Narutards with a small wallet, the servers are shit, so completely borking a Retro is an easy task if it's done correctly.

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HabboRP is a hotel based on role playing just like the habbo fags on habbo role play but they coded special commands to make users able to fight go to work eat sleep Ect the faggot list goes on.

How to raid this is verry simple walk up to a user and simply say :hit x and you will hit them for sum Lulz. Another way is to find your way to the bank (Walk there)and atempt to get a job as security while security can can use a command called :stun x and you can freeze users and have your /b/rothers hit them for sum Lulz why they is frozen they cant hit back move or do pretty much anything but logout. This way is verry effective do this command :911 (Message) and you will call the cops get sum /b/lackup and spam the cops for sum Lulz. And blocking is not deleted so feel free to Raid :) HabboRP

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